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About the group

About the group
The Leaders World Business Towers Group® is the first to own or invest in towers and commercial centers, and specialize in developing, marketing and managing them.
The Leaders World Business Towers and Centers ® group is a group of companies and institutions focused on the success of real estate investments for long and short periods in the local and regional markets.
The range of the Leaders World Business Towers and Centers ® is based on several main areas of real estate led by Saudi cadres, the most prominent of which are:
Ownership or long-term investment.
Structural and architectural development. Real estate development.
The Leaders World Business Towers Group® is in constant search for new investment opportunities locally and regionally while preserving an outstanding reputation by creating a successful and effective strategic partnership that supports the group’s solid pillars.

Specialized in establishing or developing, finishing, investing, marketing and managing towers and commercial centers with all merit and distinguished, God Almighty willing, through a team qualified for these works under the management of Mr. / Khaled Al Hassan:
Mobile: +966 555453555